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We are currently accepting apprenticeship applications for the 2020 season.

These are intense, physically demanding positions that cover the full spectrum of life on the farm. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

What We Look For

- Enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and a respectful, positive attitude
- Attention to detail and ability to follow directions closely
- At least six months of outdoor physical work experience such as farming, trail crew, landscaping, or similar
- Demonstrated interest in organic agriculture and community engagement

What We Offer

- Experience living as part of a diverse farm community
- Veggies, eggs, and meat from the farm
- Grocery items from our farm store
- Accommodations in the renovated 200+ year old farmhouse
- Weekly lectures and discussions on relevant farm topics
- Time off to attend MOFGA workshops and other educational events
- Hands-on experience in all aspects of farm practices, including:
         • no-till soil care
         • inensively managed permanent raised beds
         • perennial hedgerows and pollinator habitat
         • seed propagation and transplanting
         • interplanting/multicropping
         • cover cropping
         • mulching with leaves, wood chips, and in-situ mulches
         • weed management
         • occultation with black tarps
         • crop rotation
         • irrigation design and management
         • harvesting and post-harvest handling
         • pastured poultry production
         • direct marketing and customer relations
         • firewood harvesting and splitting
- A modest monthly stipend

We require a commitment for the full season, mid April to Thanksgiving.

Interested? Fill out an Apprentice Application and send it to Feel free to email with any questions.



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