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We grow over a hundred varieties of 40+ different vegetables, including:

Arugula Collards Kale Rutabagas
Beets Cucumbers Kohlrabi Shallots
Boc Choy Daikon Lettuce Heads Spinach
Brussels Sprouts Eggplant Mesclun Mix Sugarsnap Peas
Cabbage Endive Mustard Greens Summer Squash
Carrots Escarole Napa Cabbage Sweet Peppers
Celeriac Garlic Onions Tomatoes
Celery Ginger Parsnips Turmeric
Chard Green Beans Radicchio Turnips
Cherry Tomatoes Hot Peppers Radishes Winter Squash


All our vegetables are certified Organic by MOFGA, and we exceed the Organic standard in a number of ways. Read about our practices to learn more.