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Frith Farm is a no-till organic farm on 14 acres in Scarborough, Maine. 2018 is our eighth season in operation, offering organic vegetables and pasture raised eggs, chicken, pork, and turkeys.

Certified Organic by MOFGA

Our Mission is to build soil, increase biodiversity, and strengthen community through the growing of wholesome food. Toward this end, we base our practices on the following principles:

    Simplicity - Effort is made to take on only what we can do well. As we simplify our work we free up mental capacity to devote to what matters most, and allow ourselves space to actually enjoy it.

    Resilience -  Biodiversity is embraced as the foundation of health and stability, and farm practices are modeled after the cyclic and resilient examples set by nature.

    Long-Term Vision - Future well-being is prioritized over short-term gain. Patience and perspective allow us to create the conditions that favor success instead of trying to fabricate results directly.

    Human Scale - The farm is sized for tools, practices and enterprises that celebrate the satisfaction and fulfillment of human work, and in return the work benefits from the increased care that this scale affords.

    Community - Agriculture and community used to go hand in hand. Our role as farmers is to repair this connection by offering a source of nourishment for all and a place to reconnect to nature and to each other.

    Quality - The health and vitality of our soil, plants, animals, and community is never compromised for volume or profit, and quality of life is upheld as the overarching priority of the farm.



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