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Daniel Mays - Farm Manager

Daniel Mays grew up in Chester County, PA, where through his Waldorf and Quaker educations he developed a respect for nature and a sense of environmental responsibility. Since then he has studied math and physics, taught at a boarding high school, bicycled through Mexico, earned a graduate degree in environmental engineering, and worked on a number of farms. He is passionate about farming and grateful to be rooted in Scarborough. He believes farmers can be stewards of the land, not miners of its resources, and that farms can be hubs of the community, not distant sources of its calories. He also believes that economic sustainability need not be sacrificed, but rather can come directly from the union of environmental stewardship and community involvement. Daniel started Frith Farm in November of 2010, and welcomed his sons Ellis and Edan in 2018 and 2020.


Stuart Mays - Farm Statistician, Customer Helper, Sprout Wrangler

Born on the original Frith Farm in Hampshire, England, it seems Stuart might spend his last working days at Maine’s version of Frith Farm. Here he tries to do tasks that others might be too busy to take on, as well as record an ever expanding array of statistics that a statistician might delight in but only a few of which a farmer might find useful. And when his grandsons are unleashed on the farm, it is often his pleasure to corral and accompany them on their many explorations and adventures.


Genevieve Victoria Casale Johnson - Event Coordinator, Educator, Culinary Creator

Genevieve weaves together education and agroecology with art and design. She curates multi-genre events, leads intergenerational play programs, and creates meals that evoke deep conversations. Her education and training spans formal and informal learning starting from her childhood home on a 5 acre NOFA-NY-certified organic farm to universities, mentorships, travels, and mix-ups. She is influenced by Fluxist games and biocultural Restoration Ecology as much as Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. Sometimes she stitches tiny pants for tiny people. Sometimes she camps out on her sunporch with her housespouse, shadowy cat, and lumpy dog.


Cecilia - Apprentice

Cecilia was born and raised in Barcelona until she was ten. Since then, Carbondale, Illinois has been her home up until graduating university. Cecilia explored her fascination for rocks by earning a BS in geology, whilst rock climbing the magnificent sandstone bluffs of the Shawnee Forest in her free time. She worked at a local organic farm at the wake of the pandemic, during which she first became interested in sustainable agriculture and soil. After graduating, she interned at the Rodale Institute for a few months, but found herself drawn to working in the fields producing food instead of analyzing variables. After Frith Farm, she hopes to bring back the lessons learned to her home in Carbondale by starting her own farm alongside her partner and fellow apprentice, Noah. In her free time, Cecilia enjoys bread baking, pickling stuff, making pottery, bicycling, climbing, horseback riding, and playing frisbee on the beach.


Noah - Apprentice

Growing up in the Windy City, Noah was always determined to spend his days in the few proximal wild spaces - riding his bike many miles to go build forts in the local forest preserve or to cast his line into the vast waters of Lake Michigan. The promise of more trees, exposed sandstone cliffs, beautiful agricultural land, and a slower pace of life brought Noah to Southern Illinois University Carbondale for a degree in Geography and Environmental Resources. Smitten with the way of life, he stayed for his master's degree. After a brief position as an Environmental Planner in Southern Illinois, Noah decided his hands were better suited to the soil than to a keyboard. With two seasons of farming now under his belt, Noah is keen to further his farmer education under the tutelage of Daniel and through collaboration with his fellow apprentices. Following his time at Frith, he envisages a farm of his own nestled into the rolling hills of Southern Illinois.


Danny - Apprentice

Drawing on his inspiration from nature-oriented literature and his childhood experience gardening in his backyard in Monroe, Connecticut, Danny decided to study English and Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Connecticut. There he was acquainted with Spring Valley Student Farm where he lived, worked, and first fell in love with farming. Post-college, Danny worked at Helmstead Farm in Washington, Connecticut where he helped transition the farm to no-till production. After many years farming in Connecticut, Danny set his sights to Maine, where he looks forward to being a part of the Frith Farm community and learning more about ecological agriculture, working with honeybees and walking barefoot in the fields! Danny hopes to take what he learns at Frith to start a farm of his own one day. When not spending time in the fields, Danny enjoys hiking, reading, climbing, playing violin and chess!


Jessi - Apprentice

Jessi grew up in Chicago and studied environmental studies at The New School in New York City. Although a city girl at heart, Jessi feels most at home when she is venturing outdoors. For the past couple of years, Jessi has combined her love for travel and farming via WWOOFing. She has studied various farming methods in Australia and has also farmed in Oregon, Puerto Rico & Maine. This will be Jessi’s first time working a full farm season in Maine. She has big dreams to own her own farm someday, with intensions to give back to her local community. When Jessi isn’t playing in the dirt, she spends her time cooking delicious vegan food, going on hikes, long runs or is posted up at a coffee shop with a good book.


Josie - Apprentice

Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, eating raw shellfish and assorted seafood from the Chesapeake Bay, it became apparent early on to Josie that food connects to place. This realization has slowly evolved into a true passion. After graduation from McGill University, Josie went on to travel on and off for five years. From Southeast Asia to South America, Josie met as many strangers as she could over as many meals. She started her sustainable agriculture journey on a biodynamic homestead in Ecuador, then returned home to work a season on an organic farm in Maryland. Her passion for a food system that can be both regenerative and connective is what guides her today at Frith. Josie hopes to continue to work in the regenerative agriculture space after her apprenticeship and one day have her own expansive homestead.


Pat - Apprentice

Pat comes to Frith after his first season farming in Vermont. Before that he was living in Worcester, Mass. where he started gardening and got involved with community and school garden projects. He fell in love with the connection to nature and community it brought him, as well as all the delicious fresh food. After attending conferences and taking a permaculture course, he decided to jump into farming to gain more experience, which he hopes to bring to educational garden/farm projects in the future.


Reid - Apprentice

Reid grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and made his way north over the years to eventually end up farming in Maine. After looking for direction in a few other careers, Reid realized that growing food with the soil in mind creates the greatest space for hope and joy in a wild world. A life outside with community feels good to Reid. Now in his third season, Reid has worked on farms in Georgia, Northern California, and other parts of Maine. After hours, he loves playing guitar, cooking, and slowly puttering around the farm to notice the changes. Reid loves growing here in Maine and is planning on starting a farm soon.


Taylor - Apprentice

Taylor is an upstate New Yorker who found farming first through flowers. While attending school in Philadelphia, Taylor came across a flower farm that needed a farm hand, and never looked back. Since 2016 she has farmed flowers and practiced floral design, with part-time work at vegetable farms. For the last 5 years Taylor has been out west, spending most of her time in Northern California, growing community through skiing and farming. Recently she has decided to make the move back east, to explore her interests closer to her roots. Taylor finds purpose in the hard work and teamwork ethic that farming demands, and values the time spent outdoors. She loves the rich, community minded lifestyle that being in touch with the seasons and cycles complements. Taylor hopes to some day own her own flower farm, and wants to prioritize working with and for the land, not against it. Outside of farming, Taylor is an avid skier, explorer, live music lover, novice herbalist, and tea drinker.