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Daniel Mays - Owner, Farm Manager

Daniel Mays grew up in Chester County, PA, where through his Waldorf and Quaker educations he developed a respect for nature and a sense of environmental responsibility. Since then he has studied math and physics, taught at a boarding high school, bicycled through Mexico, earned a graduate degree in environmental engineering, and worked on a number of farms. He is passionate about farming and excited to be rooted in Scarborough. He believes farmers should be stewards of the land, not miners of its resources, and that farms should be hubs of the community, not distant sources of its calories. He also believes that economic sustainability need not be sacrificed, but rather can come directly from the union of environmental stewardship and community involvement. Daniel started Frith Farm in November of 2010.

Sarah Coburn - Wash & Pack Manager, Farm Mom

Sarah was born and raised in New England where she developed an early sense of commitment to community in her large, tight-knit immigrant family. After completing studies at Smith College, she filled a passport, bicycled across the country, and worked as an organizer for reproductive rights - experiences that deepened her compassion for and understanding of people from all walks of life. In law school she devoted herself to issues of racial and economic justice and spent several years working as a public defender in Philadelphia before relocating to Frith Farm in 2016. She is excited to find ways to provide this growing, changing corner of the world with nutritious food, while staying active with her hands in soil. Sarah is a quilter, birth doula and marathon runner.


Ana - Kitchen & Store Manager and Farm Herbalist

Ana grew up in Panama, Central America, where she developed a sense of connection with nature and everything that surrounded her. Despite growing up in the beautiful and dense jungles of Panama, she doesn't like heat very much and had always dreamed of seasons and white winters, so after spending some time farming and learning about herbs in Florida, her dream finally came true in 2019 and she moved to Southern Maine to continue her adventures. She apprenticed at Frith in 2019 and is extremely happy to return for the 2020 season, ready to spend her time making fun concoctions and playing with dirt.


David - Field Manager

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, David's journey into farming began at 19 years old. Seeking more self reliance, sustainability, betterment of his own health, diversity, and feeling a need to connect deeply with the earth he began to grow food in his parents backyard. After two years gardening and a trip to South America he decided to live his dream and became a farmer full time. 2020 marks David's 6th season farming and he is very grateful to be here at Frith! Feeding people nutrient-dense food, building soil and working with his hands is what makes him happy. After this season, David and his partner will eventually be taking over an older couple's farm business outside of Blue Hill, Maine raising no-till vegetables, flowers, fruits, perenials and their daughter, Andes.


Molly - Apprentice

Molly grew up in Delaware, but has fallen in love with New England over the last few years. She has spent the past three growing seasons working and learning at different farms in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Her love of farming stems from an appreciation of the outdoors, a passion for responsible environmental stewardship, and an appetite for delicious and nutritious food. When she’s not on the farm, you can find her walking in the woods or frolicking on the beach. In the winter she enjoys knitting and being a part of the Ice Castle build crew. Molly feels very fortunate and grateful to be learning values and practices at Frith that she will carry with her through life.


Dennis - Apprentice

From lands out west, Dennis discovered the importance of quality food and responsible farming while traveling an assortment of wild places from trails and seas to cities. His whole life, Dennis has greatly valued time spent in nature and decided to dig deep with farming as his vocation after traveling the world for a few years and departing his past mechanical engineering career. His mission is to live connected to nature both through outdoor recreation and as a steward of the land through farming - nourishing people and the planet through a holistic approach. With little previous farming experience, coming to Maine to apprentice has been a great step for Dennis as he aims to start his own farm in the near future and is grateful for every bit of experience at Frith Farm. Dennis enjoys each season but wishes there was a way to have double summers to farm and hike a long-distance trail all in the same year, either way, you will find him happily covered in soil!


Kate - Apprentice

Kate was raised in Massachusetts, and has loved spending time outside, from rowing a tiny dory and skipping rocks, to plucking cherry tomatoes and wrapping each tomato in a leaf, since she was young there. She started working on a farm near her home in MA at the age of 15, and has had muddy feet ever since; working on farms in Massachusetts, Utah, Connecticut, and Missouri and studying geology before getting distracted by the ocean. Since then, she sailed professionally, mainly on tall ships, for the past five years. Much of this time was aboard environmental educational programs, such as SEA Semester's SSV Corwith Cramer and SSV Robert C. Seamans, and the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.  She is grateful to Frith Farm for offering a place to anchor her breezy mind and wandering self, and to get to her feet and hands in the luscious soil here. She loves reading, trying to ferment things, swimming, watercoloring, and maps/charts.