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We raise Katahdin sheep on 100% pasture. We feed no grain and use no dewormers or antiobiotics, but instead move our lambs to new pasture every other day. We try to coordinate the rotations of our sheep and poultry so the sheep can benefit from the wake of fertility left by our chickens. We raise our lamb only during the grass season and have them butchered in the fall.

We are no longer raising sheep, so will have no lamb available in 2020 - sorry!

Cuts and Prices

When available, we offer the following cuts of lamb.

Loin Chops
Ground Lamb
Round Steaks
Shoulder Roasts
Leg Roasts
Boneless Stew Meat

Buying a Whole Lamb

We sell many of our lambs by the whole animal. The benefits of buying a whole lamb are that you get to choose how you'd like it cut up, and you pay a discounted price relative to purchasing by the cut. Here is how the process works:

1. You sign up for a whole lamb using our Order Form. It is a $50 deposit to reserve a lamb.

2. We contact you to confirm and to let you know the butcher date (sometime in November).

3. You fill out and send us Windham Butcher Shop's lamb cut sheet, which specifies how you'd like your lamb cut up.

4. We deliver the lamb to Windham Butcher Shop, and they give you a call when your pork is ready for pickup. Butcher fees (about $85) are paid directly to Windham Butcher Shop when you pick up the meat. Their address is 247 Varney Mill Road in Windham, and their phone is 892-4203.

5. We send you the balance due based on the butcher's hanging weight for the lamb. Lambs cost $7/lb hanging weight.

How Much Is a Whole Lamb?

The hanging weight for one of our lambs is typically between 40 and 50 pounds. The weight of the meat you take home is usually 35-45 pounds. The actual weights vary a fair amount from animal to animal, but here is a breakdown of the cost for a typical lamb of 45 pounds hanging weight:

Example Lamb
Hanging Weight: 45 lbs
Cost: $7/lb
Total Due to Frith Farm: $315
Butcher Fees: $85
Total Cost: $400
Take-Home Weight: 40 lbs
Total Cost per Pound: $10

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